4-H Camp Schedule

If you have any questions regarding each County Camp, please contact that County's 4-H Extension Office. Their respective phone numbers are beside their camp dates.

2022 4-H Camp Schedule

For more information about each county camp, please contact their County Extension Office.
You can also click on your county name and will be taken to their camp page.

May 31-June 4   Fayette County 4-H Camp    (740)335-1150  Lydia Ulery


      4-8         Madison County 4-H Camp    (740)852-0975  Francis Foos 

      8-12       Shelby County 4-H Camp   (937)498-7239   Raci Zimpher

      12-16     Greene County 4-H Camp      (937)372-9971 Brenda Sandman-Stover

      16-20      Union County 4-H Camp  (937)644-8117  Christy Leeds

      20-24      Clark County 4-H Camp  (937)398-7600  Patty House

      24-28      Champaign County 4-H Camp (937)484-1526  Melinda Ryan

      28-July 2  Preble County 4-H Camp 937-456-8174  Christy Millhouse


      21-25  Logan County 4-H Camp  (937)599-42267  Justin Bower